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Rafal Andruszkiewicz + 44 (0) 7495 748770
  • Certification services
Mason Ali +61 40 20 60 911
  • ISCC Representative – Australia & New Zealand


BM Certification Ltd.

Company details:

Registration number: 40003806040
VAT number: LV40003806040
Bank Account: LV76HABA0551012560634

BM Certification branches


BM Certification SIA representative

BM Certification license holders


PT Mutuagung Lestari


BM Italia S.r.l. (Management systems ISO)


BM CERT Public Capital company


East InfLink (Beijing)Science& Technology Co., Ltd.


Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board


Brazilian Association for Mechanically Processed Timber (ABIMCI)

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Sustainable Development
Quality, occupational health and environment
Information security and data security
Food safety certification
Supply chain certification
Construction product certification
Certification of wooden house construction sets
Timber Regulation
Forest management certification

Please describe what the company does and which processes and / or products / services you want to certify.

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